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Scholarships & Technical Events

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON SCHOLARSHIPS, TECHNICAL EVENTS OR OTHER ISSUES CONTACT THE CPGCE SECTARY AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the CPGCE



The CPGCE would like to invite you to the next Technical presentation:

13th May, 2015 - Cracking the Enigma

Derick Harrison


The release of the movie “The Imitation Game” has highlighted the work done at Bletchley Park in England in enabling the allies to break messages encrypted by the German Military Enigma machine during World War 2. This talk will describe the development of the machine, how it worked, the ground breaking achievements of the Polish Cipher Bureau in the 1930’s and the subsequent amazing work done by Alan Turing and many others at Bletchley and later in the USA.

Mr. Harrison Bio

Derrick was born in England and after a period of military service with the Royal Artillery Band studied at Imperial College, London, graduating with an honours degree in Civil Engineering in 1959. After working for various engineering and computer companies in London, he and his family moved to Calgary in 1967. Derrick joined the University of Calgary as a sessional lecturer where he also obtained his master’s degree. In 1973 he joined the City of Calgary in the Corporate Resources Department and later transferred to the Waterworks as Planning Engineer.

Since Derrick’s retirement in 1994 his activities have included world travel, internet programming, military history and most important, grand parenting. Derrick is married with a son and daughter and five grandchildren


The Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE) is a multi-disciplinary group of members of the UK Engineering Institutions: ICE, IET, IMechE and IStructE, who reside in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

CPGCE has been actively arranging technical events for many years bringing together industry experts to get an update on projects, challenges, and opportunities. These events provide an excellent networking opportunity for professionals in a relaxed setting.

A cordial welcome to the Members of our sponsoring Institutions who have recently arrived in the Canadian Prairies.


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